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Consumer Special Interest Book: Protecting Yourself Online
After becoming heavily involved in the campaign against government censorship of the Internet, we approached the leading organization for addressing these issues before Congress and for the public, The Electronic Frontier Foundation. The result was this 197 page guide book, "Protecting Yourself Online, The Definitive Resource on Safety, Freedom, and Privacy in Cyberspace."

Taken from the cases EFF was involved in and the files of their web archive, Bob wrote the book in conjunction with long-time EFF staff member, Stanton McCandlish. The foreword was written by noted EFF Board Member, Esther Dyson.

The book also spawned numerous articles and talk-show appearances during the pre-boom days of the Internet's evolution.

Professional Journal Contributing Editorship
As contributing Editor for InterActivity Magazine, Bob was responsible for feature articles on a range of topics, especially those of high-level content development and user-experience. He also editorialized on the Internet censorship issue.

After the first year of the magazine's publication he took over the monthly column titled "Run Time," devoted to emerging technologies and standards, government regulation, and anything else likely to impact the day-to-day operation of web and CD-ROM developers in that new industry.

Contributing Writer: Keyboard, Music & Computers
Over a three-four year period, we provided feature articles for a number of related publications (Miller Freeman, CMP) directed at consumers or trade professionals. Our specialty is making the technical accessible, and we did this in articles about stage automation using MIDI (musical instrument digital interface), digital audio networks, music recording software, and much more.

...and more!
Business-related articles for the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner, CyberEdge Journal and several consumer special interest publications and web sites. We have also produced white papers for a few companies, including: Software Training for Anderson Soft-Teach, Marketing Practices for musical insturment dealers for Nady Systems, Inc., and 3D Audio for Game Developers, for Aureal Corporation.

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